History of the place


The Building by 20 Karowa Street was built in 1932-33 for the Sugar Company (Bank Cukrownictwa S.A.) from Poznań, that owned in those times also the building of Bristol Hotel (still nearby). Both the project of Bristol Hotel rooms and project of the building we are in were made by Antoni Aleksander Jawornicki (1886-1950). The inside project of 20 Karowa Street building was made by famous Juliusz Nagórski (1887-1944). Unfortunately when Germans occupied Warsaw he cooperated with them (f.e. rebuilt The Namiestnikowski Palace into Deutsches Haus) and then felt into infamy in 1941 (his pastwar lifestory is unknown). The name of Karowa Street itself came from “cars” which firefighters used in XIX century to taking trash from the city center down to the Vistula River.