Our Mission


The History Meeting House is a Warsaw’s Institution of Culture. The main focus of the History Meeting House (HMH) is the history of Central and Eastern Europe in the twentieth century. In HMH, history is presented through exhibitions, discussions, meeting cycles devoted to the history of Warsaw, screenings of feature films and documentaries, educational workshops, book launches, seminars and conferences. Additionally, the HMH acts as a publishing house, with a wide selection of books concerning the history of the twentieth century available in its book-store. The Audiovisual Library collects eyewitness relations, digitises photographs, documents and films.

The History Meeting House presents history using diverse and modern methods of communication; HMH’s co-workers include young artists and curators who create artistic installations, happenings, urban games and para-theatrical events. We present the most important events from the history of the twentieth century, including social history, fascinating biographies and unique life stories of ordinary people.

28.09.2009, Karowa 20, Warszawa. Otwarcie wystawy: „Oblicza totalitaryzmu”. Fot. Dawid SkoblewskiHow do we narrate history?

We try to make history popular by using primary sources and relations of individuals. We focus on those aspects of history which are frequently absent from course-books; it is easier to grasp the uniqueness of an epoch trough stories of every day life and fates of individuals. We are open to different circles and generations. The testimonies presented by us were given by people of various nations and beliefs.

Our history

The HMH was founded in 2006 as a result of the initiative of the KARTA Centre, an independent non-governmental organisation which has been documenting modern history and conducting actions to promote democracy and civil consciousness since 1982. The HMH cooperates with renowned Polish and foreign institutions devoted to historical studies of the twentieth century.